Utility Billing

Sewer Services

The City of Burlington provides sewer utility services throughout the city limits of Burlington and in various surrounding areas. 

  • For changes to your service or account, please print and return the Utility Billing Change Form to City Hall. 
  • For questions about your sewer utility bill, email or call the City of Burlington Utility Billing Clerk at 360-755-2377.

A bi-monthly utility bill mails out January, March, May, July, September, November for the proceeding two months of service. Residential customer billing periods for November through April base the sewer portion of your bill on actual water usage (as provided to the city by the Skagit County Public Utility District - PUD). Remaining billing periods take an average of your November through April usage within each billing period to allow for water that may be used outdoors, typically during the summer months. Commercial customer bills are based on actual water usage year round. Reference Burlington Municipal Code 13.08.070 for more information. 

Make A Payment

Payment Options

  • Online: Visit the Xpress Bill Pay website. The City of Burlington partners with Xpress Bill Pay in order to provide an online payment option for its city utility bill. Pay each month or sign up for automatic payments.
  • By phone: Call Xpress Bill Pay at 800-720-6847. Available 24 hours a day. Be sure the account number and zip code is handy. 
  • In person: Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM at the Finance Department, Burlington City Hall, 833 South Spruce Street, Burlington, Washington. Cash, personal check, money order, debit/credit cards accepted.
  • Drop Box: Use the drive-through drop box located at the north end of Burlington City Hall's main parking lot. Drop Box payments post no later than 3 PM the following business day. Place your payment in an envelope. Note your account number on your check. Include your payment stub or physical property address. 
  • U.S. Mail: Make checks to 'City of Burlington' and mail to: 
    • Utility Payments, City of Burlington | 833 South Spruce Street | Burlington WA 98233

If you do not have access to the internet or if you prefer not to use Xpress Bill Pay, City of Burlington Finance staff at 360-755-2377 can schedule automatic payments for you.

Questions About Your Utility Bill

Please call the Utility Bill Clerk at 360-755-2377 during City of Burlington business hours with questions or concerns regarding your utility account.

How to Use Online Bill Pay: City Utilities

Click here for Xpress Bill Pay

  1. Select the 'Sign Up' button or 'Create a New Account' on the top of the home page. (You might want to bookmark the Xpress Bill Pay home page for future use.)
  2. Complete the registration form and click 'Next'
  3. Open the verification email in your inbox. Click 'Verify Email.' Then select 'Continue' to log in.
    1. Select City of Burlington, WA (not City of Burlington, CO)

Set up automatic payments

Automatic payments can be scheduled once you have an Xpress Bill Pay login account. Simply log into your account and select the 'Auto Pay' button. 

For assistance with your online payment account, call Xpress Bill Customer Service at 800-766-2350.