How much will it cost?
The filing fee is $53.00. The courts will charge an additional $5.00 fee for copies and certification charges for the first page and charges for each additional page. Take a look at the Clerk Fee Schedule. There may also be a charge for having copies delivered to (served on) the respondent. If you cannot afford the fees, the court may allow you to go ahead without paying. Ask for and complete the form requesting a fee waiver.

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1. What is unlawful Harassment?
2. What is a course of conduct?
3. How does the court determine if the acts are legitimate or lawful?
4. What is an Order for Antiharassment?
5. Do I need a lawyer to get an Order for Antiharassment?
6. How do I obtain an Order for Antiharassment?
7. How much will it cost?
8. What if I have previously filed for an Antiharassment Order against the respondent?
9. What happens if the Antiharassment Order is violated?