City of Burlington Fiber Optic Information

Fiber Optic’s for Burlington Businesses

The City of Burlington has high speed fiber optic cables running throughout the city interconnecting the cities facilities, buildings, street and waste water pump stations.

The City of Burlington realized that the local Burlington businesses also require the same cost effective, high speed and reliable data and telecommunications. Today's computing and telecommunications landscape has changed to be an always connected world. Successful businesses utilize cloud service offerings such as Office 365 and hosted Small Business servers as well as hosted telecommunications (phone systems) running in virtualized cloud environments, placing more dependencies on a reliable, cost effective, high speed communications network. Gone are the days of dial-up Internet and expensive business land lines. Today’s communications environment requires digital Voice over IP telephony, digital access to Internet services and applications as well as instant access to email.

Benefits of having a Fiber communications link.

  • High speed or scalable data rates
  • Reliable communications, not subject to environmental issues
  • More flexibility of Internet providers
  • Vast choice of application/cloud offerings. Business’s are not limited to just their ISP services
  • Realistic and effective remote access capabilities to business servers and data.
  • Ability to stream multiple HD video sources, security cameras
  • Direct secure connections to all remote business sites.
  • Remote disaster recovery services
  • Cloud based on-line backup of data
  • On-line applications such as Office 365, Google apps
  • Closed network groups, hospital/doctor groups.
  • Collaboration between business partners, webex webinars, desktop sharing

Connect to your Burlington customers, collaborate with staff and increase your company’s productivity. Fiber optics means you don’t have to compromise your business with older technology. You now have access to a more efficient, more reliable and faster connection for business.

Contact Current Burlington Fiber ISP Providers

CSS Integration & Communications, Inc.

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Ray Poorman

(360) 671-4878

1911 C St

Bellingham, WA 98225

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PogoZone Internet Solutions

PogoZone Internet Solutions

JD Sinclair


317 S. Second Street, Suite 101

Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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