How do I obtain an Order for Antiharassment?
You can get the forms free at Skagit County District Court. Fill out the forms as completely as possible giving the court written information about what has happened and why you need the court order.

The clerk is not allowed to give legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.

Take your completed form to the clerk who will explain how to file them. A hearing date will be set before a judge or court commissioner. This hearing will be within two weeks.

The respondent must be served with the papers you have filed and with the notice of the hearing. Service is very important and must occur before you can get your one-year Antiharassment Order. The court can order law enforcement to serve the respondent with these papers.

At the Antiharassment Order hearing, the court will decide whether to sign your order and may make some changes. The Order for Antiharassment will generally last for a maximum of one year or maybe longer if necessary.
Emergency Protection

If you are in immediate danger, you may obtain a "Temporary Order for Antiharassment" prior to your full hearing in two weeks.

Ask for and fill out the forms for a Temporary Antiharassment Order. You will see the judge or court commissioner the same day you file your papers and may need to explain why you need immediate protection, if you have filed the paperwork at a reasonable time. You should not expect to see a judge if you wait until the end of the day to file your paperwork. You must show reasonable proof of unlawful harassment by the respondent and that great or irreparable harm will be the result if the Temporary Antiharassment Protection Order is not granted. The Judge can grant you a Temporary Order which will be served on the respondent, along with the notice of the hearing for the one year Antiharassment Order.

The Temporary Order will expire on the date of the hearing for the one year Antiharassment Order. You must attend the full hearing to extend your Temporary Order for Antiharassment.

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