What is unlawful Harassment?
A knowing and willful course of conduct directed at you which seriously alarms you, annoys you, or harasses you, and serves no legitimate or lawful purpose; would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and actually causes substantial emotional distress to you.

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1. What is unlawful Harassment?
2. What is a course of conduct?
3. How does the court determine if the acts are legitimate or lawful?
4. What is an Order for Antiharassment?
5. Do I need a lawyer to get an Order for Antiharassment?
6. How do I obtain an Order for Antiharassment?
7. How much will it cost?
8. What if I have previously filed for an Antiharassment Order against the respondent?
9. What happens if the Antiharassment Order is violated?