Burlington Library Foundation

Burlington Library Foundation

In 2004, a group of community leaders came together to discuss forming a Library Foundation to support the long-term goals of the Burlington Public Library. The Burlington Library Foundation is a nonprofit organization incorporated with the State of Washington. Thanks to generous contributions made in the memory of Dr. Floyd and Mrs. Anita Hamstrom, the Burlington Library Foundation has 501c3 status; gifts are tax-deductible.

Burlington Library Foundation Board of Directors: 2018 to 2019

  • Peter Cisneros, President
  • Susan Aarstad, Vice-President
  • Kathy Christoffer, Secretary
  • Eric Chavin, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Bradbury
  • Carol Harrison
  • Holly Hilts
  • Kristia Poppe
  • Bill Sparks
  • Sarah Ward, Library Director
  • Janice Burwash, Library staff

The Burlington Library Foundation's mission is to foster community support for the Library, its Board, and its Staff. The Foundation shall also solicit, receive, manage and disburse corporate and individual gifts and grants for the enhancement of library facilities, materials, services, and programs. These funds should supplement and enrich, but not supplant, the financial obligation and allocation provided by the City of Burlington for library services.

If you are interested in contributing to the Burlington Library Foundation, or would like to get involved in Foundation projects, please contact Library Director Sarah Ward. 360-755-0760. Thank you for your support!