The primary function of the Street Department is to maintain the city's storm drain systems and six stormwater pump stations along with over 40 miles of street networking throughout the city.

Some of the functions of the Street Department include sweeping the streets, replacing broken sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, replacing and installing new traffic control signs, crack sealing the roads, and other various types of maintenance work, including:

  • Sidewalk repair - Remove or grind tripping hazards
  • Installation of raised pavement marking (RPMs), plastic buttons, wheelchair ramps
  • Paint striping - Center lines, fog lines, curbing
  • Vegetation maintenance - Mowing, weeding, pruning
  • Grading gravel alleys and roadway shoulders
  • Pavement repair - Potholes, section patchingStreet Maintenance
  • Street sweeping every week - 42 miles of roadway surfaces in the city
  • Storm drain cleaning - 50 plus miles of piping to be cleaned
  • Maintain six existing stormwater pump stations
  • Street sign repair and replacement
  • Street closures during special events and storms
  • Snow, ice, and flood control issues
  • Assistance with large capital projects