Claiming & Reporting Property

Claiming Your Impounded Property

Property is released only to the legal owner of the property or their designee and by appointment only. If property is being held as evidence in a criminal case, it cannot be released without a release order submitted by either the city attorney or prosecuting attorney, depending on which court is handling the case.

Found Property

Found property turned in to the Burlington Police Department is held for 60 days. After 60 days, any unclaimed property is removed pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Chapter 63.

Lost Property

If you have lost an item within the city limits of Burlington, you may report the lost item by calling the dispatch center 360-428-3211 or visiting the Burlington Public Safety Building. After business hours, a phone call box outside the main doors can be used for officer contact.

Auction Information

Burlington Police uses Property Room for all of its property auctions. Surplus, found, unclaimed, and forfeited property auctions will be conducted on the internet. Interested persons may view the items and submit their bids by logging onto Property Room's website. Property Room has thousands of police departments throughout the United States that use their website for auctions. Warehouses include Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.

Claiming Property You Turned In

If you would like to claim property that you have turned in to the Burlington Police Department that has not claimed by the rightful owner, you can request a copy of the Found Property law or click on the link Found Property Rights Statement (PDF)

If you have any questions, please call the Burlington Police Department Property & Evidence Unit at 360-755-0921 during hours of operation.