Teen Events

These events are conducted through Zoom, an online meeting platform. You may join the meeting via computer or phone.
Basic instructions for joining a Zoom meeting as well as a brief video tutorial may be found here. Privacy and safety measures have been applied to all Zoom meetings held by BPL, and the standard code of conduct still applies to all virtual events. 

Events every Tuesday from 3-4pm | Teen 12-18 only

1st Tuesday: Virtual Teen Gaming Club
Teen Gaming Club is an informal virtual hangout for teens featuring group games and challenges. Drop in, meet other teens, and beat summer boredom together! Registration is required to receive the Zoom link. Register here! The next date is August 4th!

Teen Gaming Club (1)

2nd Tuesday: Virtual AniManga Club
Join us as we geek out on all things Manga and Anime. Play games, eat snacks, listen to music, watch videos, and catch up with everyone. If you are a Japanese culture fan, this club is for you.  For this meeting registration is required.  Let us know you are dropping in! The next date is July 14th!

AniManga Club

3rd Tuesday: Virtual Teen Book Chat
Join this informal club for a chance to talk with other teens about books and play bookish games. What’s the best part of this club? No need to read the same book! You can chat about any books you want that you love, hate, or just feel "meh" about. Or you can just come to hang out and get book suggestions! Registration is required to receive the Zoom meeting link. Drop in on Tuesday, July 21st!

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4th Tuesday: Virtual Teen Fandom Club
Are you a fan of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Voltron, Disney, Pokemon, K-Pop, YouTubers, Star Wars, or other fictional worlds? Then join us for Teen Fandom Club! Play geeky games, watch videos, listen to music, write fan fiction, create fan art, and discuss your favorite fandoms with other fans. All fandoms are welcome and cosplay is encouraged! For this event, registration is required.  Let us know you are dropping in.  The next meeting is July 28th.

Teen Fandom Club