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Burlington Dike Trail

Subfacility of Skagit River Park

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  1. Off-Street Parking
  2. Open Grass Area
  3. Portable Restroom (March - November)
  4. Riverbank Fishing Access
  5. Trailhead
This 2.2 mile unpaved trail is a popular walking and jogging trail, thanks to its accessibility and views of the Skagit River. Fisherman enjoy access to riverbank fishing from this trail.

Maple and cottonwood trees line the south end of its narrow dirt foot path. The north end offers open views of the river from a wide gravel trail.

Trailheads and Restrooms
Three easy-to-find access points to the trail include:
  • Whitmarsh Playfields | parking and portable restroom | 1800 South Whitmarsh Road
  • Skagit River Park Playfields | parking and restrooms | 1100 South Skagit Street
  • Gus Tjerdsma Boat Launch | parking and portable restroom | 851 South Gardner Road

The trail is walkable north and south, from the Whitmarsh playfields near the train trestle (south trail) to the dike's intersection with Lafayette Road (north trail). Access to the trail is also possible from Lafayette Road. 

Dike District 12
Public access to this area is made possible thanks to the maintenance and work of Dike District 12. Pedestrians should stay clear of machinery as well as adjoining private properties. Occasional closures of the area are to be expected - contact the Dike District for updated information.