Adult Summer Reading

Adult Summer Reading 2022: Read Beyond the Beaten Path
June 13th-August 31st

Choose Your Own Adventure and Learn Something New!

This Summer, you will be working to complete as many adventures as you can as you read "Beyond the Beaten Path"!

How It Works: 

  • Choose an adventure from the course catalog and complete the required tasks.
  • Once you complete and adventure, fill out a raffle ticket and turn it in to the library. You can also submit the raffle ticket online.
  • When you bring the raffle ticket back to the library, you can spin our prize wheel and take home a smaller prize.

Each completed adventure gives you one entry into the grand prize drawing.

All entries are due by August 31st.

Choose Your Own Adventure Course Catalog: 

Rock and Roll Music:
- Read a book about a band or rock and roll history
- Listen to something by your favorite rock band
- Watch a Rock and Roll Documentary or see live music at Burlington Summer Nights

Meditation and Relaxation:
- Read a book about meditation
- Research meditation techniques. Choose and practice one technique.
- Forest Bathing: Take a walk in the woods

- Check out a PNW Hiking book from BPL
- Attend the Howard Shapiro program on August 
- Go for a hike and take pictures (Check out Trek for Treasure or the Washington Trail Association for a list of great hikes)

Murder Mystery:
- Listen to a true crime podcast or watch a true crime documentary
- Read a murder mystery
- Attend the Murder Humanities WA program on June 16h at 6:00pm

- Attend Poetry/Writing program on July 14th
- Read a book of poetry
- Take and complete the Poetry To Go Kit

- Attend the Art of Rebellion Humanities WA program on July 28th
- Read or watch something artsy
- Take and complete the Tiny Art To Go Kit

- Read a book about Egypt or another ancient civilization
- Watch a documentary on the Pharaohs
- Take and complete a Hieroglyph Take and Make Kit

Booklist Blitz
- Pick a subject from the booklist below
- Read/watch/listen to 3 items in the list
- Get familiar with a new subject/genre/recipe

Ancient Languages  (Ask a librarian for one of the Take and Make kits that go with this topic) 
Art (Ask a librarian for one of the Take and Make kits that go with this topic and/or Attend the Summer Reading Program: Resistance Art)
(Ask a librarian for one of the Take and Make kits that go with this topic)
Great Books: Classical Greek
Great Books: Literature
Great Books: Philosophy
Hiking (Hiking Summer Reading Program) 
Meditation and Relaxation
Murder Mystery (Murder Mystery Summer Reading Program June 16th) 
New Weird
(Ask a librarian for one of the Take and Make kits that go with this topic) 
Rock and Roll (Attend one of the live shows that are a part of Burlington Summer Nights)
Russian Literature (Make a recipe out of Beyond the North Wind Cookbook for one of the adventures!)
Secret Societies
Viva la Revolución 
(Have dinner at Frida's Gourmet Mexican in Anacortes for a revolutionary themed dinner)
Women Tell the Greek Myths