Seed Exchange & Library

Spring is here & so is our 2023 Seed Exchange!

How It Works:

Seeds are available to exchange and to "borrow" from the Seed Library for free!
A seed library offers a way of preserving and sharing a diverse variety of seeds. When you’re ready to plant something new in your garden this year, “borrow” some seeds from the library. Seed donations will keep the library stocked for the next season. If you want to help keep the lending library stocked, pick one or two of your plants and let them mature all the way to seed production. Then bring some of your saved seeds back to the library, and help us keep the cycle going! 

We are also accepting donations! If you have extra seeds after planting this winter and spring, we would be happy to accept them as donations or in exchange for some of the seeds we have in the library. We will share your seeds with the community.

Online Gardening and Seed Saving Resources:

Salish Seed Guild has a great introduction video and lists of other seed distribution sites
Check out the Mount Vernon Library, they have a Seed Exchange Library too
Watch this Seed Saving Basics Webinar from the Whatcom Extension Office
Organic Seed Alliance has an incredible amount of free information on seed saving. Check out their Seed Saving Guide. 
Seed Saving: Where to Start from the Seed Savers Exchange
The Skagit County Extension Office is a great resource for local information
Indigenous SeedKeepers Network

Check back for future How-To gardening videos from the library and their partners!