Wi-Fi Hotspot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Wi-Fi Hotspot Checkout:

Who can borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Individuals with a Burlington Public Library card can borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot.
If you’re having trouble placing a request for a hotspot, call the library at (360) 755-0760.

How much does it cost to borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot?

There is no charge to borrow and use a hotspot.
Hotspots are subject to the usual charges for lost materials. If you lose the hotspot or damage it beyond repair we will charge $50 to your library account.

How long can I borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot?

You can borrow a hotspot for 4 weeks with no renewals.
If the hotspot is out past its due date, it will stop giving you access to the internet within 24 hours.

Where can I return a hotspot?

You can return the Wi-Fi hotspot in the library's book drop.  

What comes in a Wi-Fi hotspot case?

A hotspot device (Orbic Speed), a combo charging cable, and a quick-guide card in English and Spanish.orbic speed pic

How do I start using the Orbic Speed Hotspot?

1. Press and hold the power button on the front of the device for 2 seconds. If it won’t turn on, try charging the battery.
2.The screen will say Welcome when it turns on.
3. The Wi-Fi Network Name and Password are on stickers on the front. In the Wi-Fi settings of your device, select the hotspot’s Network Name, and enter the Password when prompted.

How do I recharge the hotspot's battery?

When the battery indicator is low Ellipsis Battery Indicator - Low or empty, you’ll need to charge the battery soon. Connect the micro-USB end of the combo charging cable (included) to the hotspot, and plug the power supply end into an electrical socket. The power button is red while charging.

Where will the hotspots work?

See Verizon’s network coverage map to see where they have 4G data coverage available.  The device will not work in Canada.