Historical Preservation Board


Meetings are held as needed.


The board consists of seven members including a representative of the Burlington Parks Foundation, Burlington Parks Board, Burlington City Council, Skagit County Historical Society, a member of the Genealogical Society, and two at-large citizens of Burlington. The Parks and Recreation Department director shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting member.

  • Chris Loving, Parks Board
  • VACANT, Parks Foundation, (3 YEAR TERM)
  • Edie Edmundson, Chair, City Councilor
  • Jesse Kennedy, Historic Resource Professional
  • Jennifer Berner, Parks & Recreation Director (Ex-officio)
  • Joe DeGloria, City Councilor, Alternate
  • Christine Cooper, Genealogical Society
  • Muriel Neely, Skagit County Historical Society
  • Larry Gilbert, Citizen, At-Large
  • Janet Berger, VIce Chair, Citizen At-Large
  • Margie Wilson, Historic Resource Professional

The Historical Preservation Board was established in 2010.