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Public Records Request

  1. For Court Records, contact Municipal Court; for Police Records, contact Police Department.
  2. I understand there is a minimum of 15 cents per page for printed duplication of records, NEW: 10 cents per page for documents scanned into an electronic format; 10 cents per minute of audio or video recordings; 40 cents for every 25 electronic attachments uploaded to an electronic delivery system; 10 cents per gigabyte for transmitting records electronically. I agree to pay the charges associated with my request. Note: The requestor is liable for all charges associated with processing the request even if the requestor later determines that the information is no longer required.
  3. Your request will be processed as promptly as possible. Within five (5) business days of the submittal of this request, the City will either provide the records if available at the time of request, or will try to provide an estimate of the amount of time it will take to process your request.
  4. Method by which I would like to receive the information I have requested:*
  5. I certify that any lists of individuals obtained through this request for public records will not be used for commercial purposed, per RCW 42.56.070(9). TYPING MY NAME ABOVE CONSTITUTES MY DIGITAL SIGNATURE and understanding of all fees, restrictions and instructions contained within this Request Form.

    If you are not contacted within five days, your request may not have been received. Please call 360-755-9473 to verify receipt of your request.
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