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Contact Forms - Individuals

  1. E-mail Parks & Recreation - Parks Division

    E-mail Parks & Recreation - Parks Division

  2. E-mail Burlington Fire Chief

    E-mail Burlington Fire Chief

  3. E-mail Cemetery Maintenance Supervisor

    E-mail Cemetery Maintenance Supervisor

  4. E-mail City Administrator

    E-mail City Administrator

  5. E-mail City Hall

    E-mail Burlington City Hall

  6. E-mail Eric Peterson

    E-mail Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Eric Peterson

  7. E-mail Fiber Team

    E-mail Fiber Team

  8. E-mail John Abenroth

    E-mail John Abenroth

  9. E-mail Marv Pulst

    E-mail Public Works Director, Marv Pulst

  10. E-mail Mike Lumpkin

    E-mail Community Resource Officer Mike Lumpkin

  11. E-mail Parks & Recreation Director

    E-mail Parks & Recreation Director Jennifer Berner

  12. E-mail Sarah Ward

    E-mail Library Director, Sarah Ward

  13. E-mail The Finance Department

    E-mail The Finance Department

  14. E-mail The Municipal Court

    E-mail The Municipal Court

  15. E-mail The Police Records Unit

    E-mail The Police Records Unit

  16. E-mail The Utility Billing Clerk

    E-mail The Utility Billing Clerk

  17. Unsubscribe From Parks & Recreation E-mails

    Unsubscribe From Parks & Recreation E-mail lists

  1. E-mail Brian Dempsey

    E-mail Assistant Public Works Director, Brian Dempsey

  2. E-mail Burlington Police Chief

    E-mail Police Chief Michael Luvera

  3. E-mail Christi Kinney

    E-mail Christi Kinney

  4. E-mail City Cemetery Services

    E-mail City Cemetery Services

  5. E-mail Don Erickson

    E-mail Sewer Department Supervisor, Don Erickson

  6. E-mail Erica Littlewood

    E-mail Fire Prevention Specialist, Erica Littlewood

  7. E-mail Jenny Cole

    E-mail Library Volunteer Coordinator Jenny Cole

  8. E-mail Juan Farias

    E-mail the Public Defense Program Assistant, Juan Farias

  9. E-mail Mayor Steve Sexton

    E-mail Mayor Steve Sexton

  10. E-mail Parks & Recreation - Recreation Division

    E-mail Parks & Recreation - Recreation Division

  11. E-mail Public Works

    E-mail Public Works

  12. E-mail The Building Department

    E-mail The Building Department

  13. E-mail The Library

    E-mail The Library

  14. E-mail The Planning Department

    E-mail The Planning Department

  15. E-mail The Sewer Department

    E-mail The Sewer Department

  16. E-mail Travis Schwetz

    E-mail Travis Schwetz