Andy Porter classes
Learn how to maximize your DSLR camera - get the photos you want! (Lyman Glacier)

Burlington Parks & Recreation

Photography Classes with Andy Porter

Professional photographer and popular local instructor Andy Porter teaches you how to maximize your DSLR camera settings for the amazing photos you want, how to frame fantastic shots, and how to edit. Choose the best fit for your goals.

Catch the last of Andy's spring classes--they won't be offered again until the fall.

Two spaces left in "Intermediate DLSR"!

"Nature Photography - DSLR  Intermediate - Level 2"

          Day/Time: Wednesday, Mar. 1

Ages:        Adults and youth 12+
Fee:          $40
Location:  Burlington Parks & Rec

Ready for more? Delve deeper into depth of field and mastery over how much of what's in front of you is in focus. Advanced techniques re: shutter speeds, focus, tripods, and night images.

Prerequisites: DSLR Basics or *very* comfortable shooting in manual mode on your DSLR.

"Nature Photography - DSLR Basics - Beginners Level 1"

Day/Time: This class will be offered again in Fall 2017

Is your DSLR always set on auto? Quality images start with understanding manual exposure. Cover bracketing, polarizers, and the benefits of capturing images in the RAW format and more. Lots of time for hands-on and instructor Q&A. Learn to use your camera to create the image you want. Come with your camera and owner’s manual.

Ready to reserve your spot? Call Burlington Parks & Recreation with a Visa/MC to reserve an immediate space: (360) 755-9649.

View the DSLR photography registration form and composition & photo editing registration form for more details and options.

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"Composition & Photo Editing:
Take (or Make) Awesome Pictures with Any Camera"

Day/Time: Tuesday, Mar 14
                 AND Wed, March 22
Ages:        Adults and youth 12+
Fee:          $80
Location:  Burlington Parks & Rec

DAY 1: COMPOSITION: Think you’ve taken the perfect shot? Then you view the photo and it doesn’t portray your vision properly? Frustrating! There are actually basic rules to composing a photograph. This class is open to ANY picture taker, regardless of the type of camera you have (iPhone, DSLR, point and shoot)
Andy will guide you through the basic rules of composition: subject placement; use of the horizon; reflections; leading lines; the Rule of Thirds; framing; and more.

DAY 2: PHOTO EDITING: Ever try to capture a fantastic scene, only to be disappointed with the results? To create an image that looks just like what you saw, especially in low light situations, you must edit the image. Discussion will include types of editing software. Edit images in class, learn tips and tools to use in your journey into this new, exciting world.

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