Proposed Local Court Rules

The comment period for the Skagit County District and Municipal Court rules is May 21, 2021 thru June 20, 2021.   Please submit all comments Attn:  Mickey Zitkovich, Court Administrator:

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Burlington Municipal Court
311 Cedar Street Suite A
Burlington, WA 98233

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Please click here to view the proposed local rules.

Submitted comments:

It would seem to me at first glance a violation of Art. 1, Section 22 to charge a defendant to file documents with the Court.


~ Glen Hoff

I look at “this proposal” as an effort to fix something that really is not broken. 


The District and Municipal Courts are for the most part the venues in which ordinary people will find themselves, and often not by their desires or happy choices.


I can accept a bit of technical change, coming from the interests of the participants in the process. For the most part the real participants are the individuals who are the Plaintiffs and Defendants. These are human beings in and around Skagit County. I do not see much clamor coming from them to change their access to the courts.


Lawyers are involved to assist those real participants. What is offered by “this proposal” seems to be an effort to place more work and/or costs on the people who come before the courts. It is apparent that the streamlining is intended to ease the work of court staffs and make official contact with the ordinary mortal a bit scarcer. 


It looks like another buffer that would be set up to further insulate the Courts from ordinary life.


And there are costs intended to be imposed on certain types of filings, that go beyond the customary fees for filing a civil case or the counterclaim. This is of course in addition the fancy electronic gadgetry that will need to be acquired and maintained in order to ease the work of the Courts or staff.


Before diving in head-first, why let’s do a timid test of the waters by putting just a few big toes into the pool to do a miniature test of its temperature and acidity.


That’s my two cents worth.


~ Bud Ashbach