Ready to Read (Early Learning)

Ready to ReadReady to Read - Early Learning at the Library

Early literacy and learning skills provide a vitally important foundation for learning to read, and hence for success at school and later in life. By targeting birth to third grade children and their caregivers with resources to foster early learning, the library will reduce the gap in early literacy development, building a stronger foundation for every child in our community to succeed in school and fully participate in our society.

Baby Holding a Soft BookTake advantage of our weekly Storytimes designed for fun and learning the same time!

Access the following brochures to learn more about literacy and learning for:
Early talkers (PDF) (birth to two) 
Talkers (PDF) (two to three)
Pre-readers (PDF) (four to five)

When should you start reading to kids?

This video gives a great answer to that question. Check out how responsive this baby is, how he's listening, how he's anticipating the next animal noise, and oh, how he's enjoying himself thoroughly!